The University Library was officially established in September 1945, a fortnight after the establishment of NCU. Apart from 1000,000 books and almost 500,000 periodicals and regular publications, the Library has some 500,000 special items including 48,000 old prints (213 incunabulas) and 4,100 manuscripts. It also has valuable collections of drawings, charts, musical scores and other documents of social life. The total number of items amounts to over 2.5 million and places the University Library in Toruń amongst the largest in Poland. The collection of old books contains many scientific and literary works, including a collection of all the editions of the works of University’s patron Nicolaus Copernicus. Among others it has the first and third edition of De revolutionibus orbium coelestium. In 1998 the Centre for European Documentation was established. In recent years, the Library underwent comprehensive computerisation which provided free access to a large part of its collection. The Library has card as well as electronic catalogues, which similar to CD-ROM databases, are accessible through the computer network to all the academic community. Part of the collection is also available on open access shelving. 

NCU’s students can also use electronical data bases such as EBSCO, Springer, Science Direct and more.

The Library is located at ul. Gagarina 13,
tel. (+48 56) 611 44 08,