There are two university campuses in Toruń: the Center Campus (Osiedle “Centrum”) and the Bielany Campus (Osiedle “Bielany”). Currently the University owns 11 student dormitories (called DOM STUDENCKI or DS.) with accommodation for more than 3,300 students. For students with disabilities specially adapted apartments are available.

The Center Campus is located next to the Old Town and to the Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. It consists of 5 student dormitories, including:

  • Student Dormitory no. 1, ul. Mickiewicza 2/4, tel. +48 56 6121174,
  • Student Dormitory no. 2, ul. Mickiewicza 6/8, tel. +48 56 6121180,
  • Student Dormitory no. 3, ul. Moniuszki 16/20, tel. +48 56 6121417,
  • Student Dormitory no. 5, ul. Słowackiego 5/7, tel. +48 56 6121535,
  • Student Dormitory no. 6, ul. Słowackiego 1/3, tel. +48 56 6121548,

Student dormitories in the Center Campus offer single, double and triple rooms equipped with a telephone. Toilets and showers are in a corridor. Each dormitory has a room for individual study, a self-service launderette called PRALNIA and a common room with TV. Internet is available in all student dormitories. In student dormitories no. 2 and no. 5, there are TV slots, so if you have your own TV set, you may watch TV.

 The new University campus, the Bielany Campus, is located in the suburb of Bielany in the western part of Toruń. Apart from dormitories there are also the main University office (REKTORAT), the Foreign Languages Centre, a 930-seat lecture and concert hall (AULA), the University Library building, buildings for the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management complex and its 400-seat lecture hall, the Faculty of Law and Administration, the Faculty of Theology, sport halls, and a medical centre (APL = AKADEMICKA PRZYCHODNIA LEKARSKA). There is also a student club Od Nowa.

There are 6 student dormitories located along Gagarina Street and Reja Street, including:

  • Student Dormitory no. 7, ul. Gagarina 19, tel. +48 56 6114942,
  • Student Dormitory no. 8, ul. Gagarina 17, tel. +48 56 6114943,
  • Student Dormitory no. 9, ul. Gagarina 21, tel. +48 56 6114944,
  • Student Dormitory no. 10, ul. Gagarina 27, tel. +48 56 6114945,
  • Student Dormitory no. 11, ul. Gagarina 33, tel. +48 56 6114946,
  • Student Dormitory no. 12, ul. Reja 25, tel. +48 56 6114947,

Student dormitories in the Bielany Campus offer single, double and triple rooms equipped with a telephone. Each building has a room for individual study, a self-service launderette called PRALNIA and a common room with TV. The Internet is available in all student dormitories. In student dormitories no. 10, 11 and 12, there are TV slots, so if you have your own TV set, you may watch TV.

In student dormitories no. 7, 8 and 9, there are studios consisting of 4 rooms with a shared toiled and a shower. A kitchen is located in a corridor.

In student dormitories no. 10 and 11, there are studios consisting of 2 rooms (which could be single or double) with a shared toilet, a shower and a kitchenette.



The Nicolaus Copernicus University tries to provide accommodation for international students participating in the exchange programmes. Since the number of places is limited, Erasmus students who submit their application forms to the International Programmes Office early (before the 1st of JUNE) are given priority. Although most rooms in student dormitories are double, Erasmus students usually occupy single rooms in the student dormitory no. 10 (DS. 10) (on Bielany campus, ul. Gagarina 27, 87-100 Toruń, tel. (+48 56) 611 49 45) or in the student dormitory no. 11 (DS. 11) (ul. Gagarina 33, tel. (+48 56) 611 49 46). There are studios consisting of 2 rooms (which could be single or double) with a shared toilet, a shower and a kitchenette.

Here you may check some photos from those dormitories or .


The cost of a single room is approximately 500 złoty per month (about 125 Euro) and that of a double room is about 350 złoty per month per person (about 80 Euro). However, the size of the room is the same both for one or two students (about 11 m2). The rent must be paid by the 15th of each month.

Upon arrival Erasmus students are asked to pay a deposit for their room which equals the amount of their monthly rent. It means that if you are to live in a single room, you will have to pay at the beginning of your stay 2 x 500 złoty; whereas if you are to live in a double room, you will be asked to pay 2 x 350 złoty. A deposit will be given to you back before your departure, provided your room will be in a very good condition.

Equipment and services

Each room is equipped with desks, bookshelves, and chairs. It has a shower, a toilet, and a kitchenette fitted with some cupboards, a refrigerator, and an electric kettle shared by students. You will probably need your own cutlery, pots and pans.

There is also a shared kitchen on every floor equipped with a gas cooker and a sink (hot & cold water). Sheets and a pillowcase are provided every month. You will need your own towels.

Each dormitory provides self-service launderettes called PRALNIA (you can buy tokens for one wash at the reception desk). Students themselves are required to clean their rooms. Please leave your room nice and clean when moving out, the way you would like to find it yourself upon arrival!

 Every room is equipped with a telephone. Connections within the Campus and other dormitories (you dial only the last 4-digit numbers) are free of charge. You can also receive calls from the outside (if you live in DS. 11, your number will be 611 and the last 4-digit numbers; if you live in DS. 10, your number will be 612 and the last 4-digit numbers ) and from abroad (in DS. 11 +48 56 611 and the last 4-digit numbers; in DS. 10 +48 56 612 and the last 4-digit numbers).

 The Internet network is available in all student dormitories (every room is connected to it for free); however, you should have your own computer or notebook and open a university account to be able to access it. Additionally, you have to buy a special cable (around 10 zł in every computer shop in Toruń) to be able to plug in.

 The Reception in each dormitory is open 24 hours. It is a place where you get keys to your room and where you leave them each time you go out of the building.

Rules at the student dormitory

1. Room

A room that you get is in a good condition and is properly equipped.

2. Payment and deposit

A monthly rent for a room should be paid in cash before the 15th of each month in the Administrative building Rektorat (at KASA, 1st floor, open between 8.30 am and 1.00 pm). An exception is the first rent that you should pay upon your arrival.

If you arrive during the first week of a month (between the 1st and 7th), you are asked to pay a rent for the whole month (500 zloty for a single room or 350 zloty for a double room). However, if you accommodate after the 7th day of a month, you pay for your room according to a daily rent that is 15 zloty per day (for a single room) or 14 zloty (for a double room). Regarding the arrivals for the second semester, if you accommodate between the 15th and 30th, you pay half the monthly rent.

In addition, you are asked to pay a deposit upon your arrival. It equals the amount of your monthly rent for the room (500 zloty or 350 zloty). Before your departure, if your room is in a good condition, you will get your deposit back from the KASA (Administrative building). However, if your room needs some reparations, the cost of it will be covered from your deposit.

In case you do not pay regularly for your room, you might be expelled from the student dormitory.

3. Rules

  • It is forbidden to: /you mustn’t:
    • behave in such a way that it would disturb other people in the dormitory
    • bring and keep things dangerous to your life, health, and property or those that may cause other people any inconvenience
    • bring and keep any animals
    • sell any alcoholic drinks
    • use electric cookers and heaters in your room
    • change or repair electric and gas system on your own
    • change locks or to duplicate keys to your room
    • decorate the interior of your room permanently without the permission of the head of the student dormitory (No photos or postcards/posters etc. that could destroy wallpaper are allowed to be placed on the walls)
    • gamble
  • Each student gets a “Dormitory Card” where your name and the number of your room is written – it allows you to enter the dormitory, so have it with you!
  • When you go out, leave the keys at the reception (downstairs)
  • Always remember to lock your two doors (one to your room and one to the corridor).
  • The university is not responsible for loss of your property in the dormitory.
4. Night hours

Night hours in the dormitories are from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am (remember that there are other students with their families and even professors living on the same floor). During that time you mustn’t disturb other people.

5. Visits

People not living in the dormitory can visit you from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm. They are asked to leave their identity card (e.g. student ID) and give your name and your room number at the reception. If your family member or friend would like to visit you and stay in your room, you have to ask for permission of your roommate and flatmate. You should also get an official approval from the head of the student dormitory (please fill in a special request form). Moreover, you need to pay for your guest according to dormitory regulations.

6. Equipment

There is free access to the Internet in the dormitory; you would only need your own computer and a cable.

You may use your phones to call your friends in other student dormitories for free. You may also call the International Programmes Office – 4928.

You have the right to use the equipment that is for all dormitory dwellers. For example, there is a washing machine in your dormitory (downstairs) – to use it, book an hour and buy a token.

You may change your room and the equipment in it, if you get the permission of the head of the student dormitory. Otherwise, you mustn’t change the place of furniture, since each piece has its number in each room.

If something gets broken in your room, please inform the head of the student dormitory (DS) about it ASAP.

7. Duties

You are obliged to:

  • respect the rules in the student dormitory
  • take a good care of your room and its furniture and equipment as well as other places which belong to collective utility
  • keep your rooms clean
  • protect things from destroying
8. Departure

If you want to leave Toruń earlier than it was planned, you should inform the head of the student dormitory about the exact date of your departure at least one month beforehand (30 days in advance). If you do not keep this deadline but you would like to leave in the first half of a month, you will have to pay the rent for the whole next month.

According to the regulations, students leaving the student dormitory between the 1st and 15th of a month are asked to pay half of a monthly rent. Whereas students leaving rooms after the 15th of a month will pay the full monthly rent.

On the other hand, if you want or have to stay longer than it was planned, you should inform about it the head of the dormitory and the International Programmes Office. Please keep in mind that your rooms are booked either till the middle of February (first semester) or till the end of June (second semester).

Before checking out of the student dormitory, you should inform again the head of the DS when you are planning to leave, so that she could go with you to your room and confirm that your room is in a good condition by signing your Yellow Chart. Regarding the deposit, please read the section ‘Payment and deposit’.


If you are interested in private accommodation, it is also possible to rent a room or a flat in the town. The prices may vary depending on the standard, location and distance from the University. Accommodation is often advertised in local newspapers.

Please note that the International Programmes Office does not provide help in looking for private accommodation.

 Our university offers a new system of searching and booking flats or rooms for students „Chata dla zaka”. It is run by Amicus Universitatis Nicolai Copernici Foundation. If you are interested, you may visit the website of Fundacja Amicus Universitatis Nicolai Copernici to check the list of places offered in Torun. Some of them have photos attached. The website is in Polish.

Alternatively, the student organisations NZS and ZSP provide information on accommodation in the area. Small ads also frequently appear on notice boards around the University.