NCU is a participant in EDUROAM infrastructure that allows users to access a wireless network. It means that in a number of university places in Toruń you may open your laptop and be online for free.

 International guests and students staying at NCU for a longer period of time may enable EDUROAM access in their computers by configuring them at the University Networking Technology Centre (University Library, room 71, phone +48 56 611 22 05).

If you want to check whether your home university is a part of EDUROAM service, please enter the website: (link Europe). More importantly, in order to use the Internet (also wireless network) at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (including University buildings, student dormitories etc.) you need to have a university
e-mail account.

International students wishing to be allocated an e-mail address should ask their supervisor or tutor for a certificate confirming the length of their study period in Poland and contact the University Networking Technology Centre at University Library (phone. +48 56 611 22 05, room 71). Whereas, ERASMUS students may create an e-mail account on the students server, by entering this website:

Please remember that you need to have the NCU student ID-card. More information on this procedure: